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I'm honored to be entrusted by my clients to help them meet their real estate goals, by representing them as either home buyers or home owners. I promise that whichever of the two you are that it will be your time well spent. Here are a few testimonials from some clients who have appreciated the service I provide.

Testimonial by: Ray M.

I want to say sorry for not taking the time to write you and thank you sooner for all the fine work you did for me regarding the sale of my home located at 25494 Pumalo St. in San Bernardino, CA. Kevin I believe most people that sell homes for the most part are a necessary evil. If you want or need to sell a home it is almost impossible to sell it yourself so you have to get a agent and they usually know nothing! I believe for the most part it is a way to rip a seller off, I believed that then and I do NOT believe that now. Kevin I saw you shake and bake to make my home sell possible. Kevin you are a rare breed of agent that should be the example of what’s good in the industry. I hope you all the best and I hope you're appreciated by the people you work for because if they do not show you kindness, leave!  Thank you for all your good work.

Definition of excellent service by: Howie P.

I purchased my first rental property through Kevin a few years ago and being my first time it was definitely a confusing thing to do. Kevin not only made things simple but gave great advice, knowledge and goes the extra mile. He will tell you how it is even if its something that you dont want to hear. I believe an honest realtor is hard to come by and Kevin is very trustworthy. I now have 3 rentals that I have purchased through kevin and cannot be any happier with Kevin's service. I cant see myself using anybody besides Kevin. I even went through Kevin with my own property in oc, would not want to go with anybody else. Kevin gets the job done in an efficient manner and I will be referring any friends and relatives. In a way I want to thank Kevin for all his time and dedication that he's put into being my agent.

A great realtor by: Jeff J.

Kevin helped us buy our first home, and though going into the process, my wife and I had no idea what to expect, Kevin was able to explain how the whole process worked, and made us feel comfortable through every step of the way. I will use him again in future purchases, and would hghly recommend him!                           

Home Sold Fast by: Pat T.

When my elderly parents needed to sell thier home I called Kevin and was pleasantly surprised at how knowledgeable he was about the real estate market.  He worked with my father to get the home in a condition that would make it appealing to buyers. Within the first 30 days, he had it sold.  He knows how to set the price to get the buyers in and we were VERY PLEASED with his advise and expertise.                           

House 2 Call Home by: Cynthia B.

If you need someone who is going to help you and your family find your next home, Kevin is guy to call! After viewing many houses both on the web in the office and out driving around looking at houses in and around Riverside, he helped us find the perfect place to call home.  His attention to detail and experience aided in getting us through the whole entire process quickly.                           

Great Service by: Nacolle G.

Kevin takes the time to get to know his clients.  He finds out what you want and need and helps find the match for you.  He is fun and upbeat, which makes the sometimes depressing task of house shopping more fun.  He is not afraid to point out when something is wrong with the house, so you know what you are getting yourself into, and let you know if it is worth the asking price.  He is not just out for a paycheck, so he will help you find a house that fits your budget, and even finds good houses at the lower end of your spending range!  He works and lives in Riverside, but drove all the way to the high desert to find a house for me and my husband. I would recommend him to anyone!!

Ex-California Realtor by: Raymond P.

I have known Kevin for many years and have respect for the service he provides his clients.  This is why when I left for Seattle, WA I refered family members and past clients of mine to Kevin, and all have appreciated the work ethic of Kevin.

Kevin Gets the Job Done Right by: Michael B.

I was moving out of state, and got no results selling my home in the months before I left. After moving, Kevin was recommended and he took on the task: making sure the house was priced just right, that the property was taken care of, and that new carpet and roofing were installed with money from closing costs. The house sold at a great price considering the bottom was just starting to fall out from the market, and I did not have to invest a cent up front to make my home sell. For all of this to happen from states away was just phenomenal. Thanks Kevin!                           

Testimonial by: L. Warren

He found me the perfect house and was a complete dream to work with. Anyone would be lucky to work with him! 

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